Level Up Your Website by Having an App

            Your website is extremely successful and has so much traffic that you think that it cannot go any better. However, in the online world, only the sky’s the limit, and you could always do better. There are several things that you could be doing but doing the right thing at such times matters the most. And the best way to opt for you would be to get going with building an app.

            Search engines are not limited to Google and Bing. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are magnanimous tech giants and hold 90-up domain authority. They also have their respective stores wherein you can find many apps that make daily life easier. Getting your app up on these sites is a big deal since it has the same effect as your big achievement being broadcasted on the BBC – it comes with a “certificate” of authenticity.

According to Spincastle who are operating in the highly competitive gambling industry, “having an app available in Google play or other stores is a matter of live or die”. In gambling and betting, there is a tiny line between those who make a difference and those who disappear and yes – an app can (and usually will) make a huge impact. It is however not easy to launch slots or casino apps on most of the major stores and this means you have to find a trick. What trick? This kept the guys from spincastle in secret.

            Once you launch an app, you can be sure that prestige and trust from users are en route. Since stores from Google and Apple are trusted, anything found is automatically trusted. There are broadly two kinds of apps that you could be going for which are discussed henceforth.

Apps Made from Scratch

Firstly, we will discuss the actual apps. These are an extension of your website and might look like and function as your website. However, they are different and built entirely to run only on a mobile platform. In most cases, the cost of building such an app is the same as building a website. In most cases, the price of creating an app is the same as the price of creating a website since the developer has to write down the entire code based on an Android or iOS platform. Since websites are easily and cheaply available nowadays at about 150-200 USD, the cost of having a functional app developed would be around 600 USD.

On the other hand, if you are a multi-million-dollar business with an expansive website costing even more than 100,000 USD, developing an app for it would cost you a similar amount. You have to also consider the fact that you have to build separate apps for iOS, Android, and Microsoft platforms based on their individual source codes. To make matters simpler and less expensive, you could go for the web-view apps.

Web-view Apps

Do not confuse web-view apps with online app and website designing tools. In the case of such tools, you have a drag and drop menu feature that allows you to easily design any app. It generally charges a menial monthly subscription fee and is quite a good mode to create a website.

The web-view apps on the other hand will be available on the Play Store or the Appstore and will appear as an individual icon on your smartphone. However, when you open it, it will serve as a window to the original website. The concept of iframes is used to build this website. Since the developer does not have to actually write down the code for the website but a few lines to generate a window to the website, these are inexpensive options and often cost as low as 30 USD. So, for the website that costs 20,000 USD to develop, the web app will only cost about 150-200 USD thus saving your company lots of profit.